Let-Us Compare Lettuce! Iceberg vs. Romaine vs. Kale

When I was growing up, our salads were always made from iceberg lettuce. I didn’t even know there was an alternative lettuce until I was 15. My aunt and uncle took me to a restaurant where I had a Caesar salad. Romaine lettuce? What?

When the waiter brought me that salad, I fell in love with it. I didn’t know how good lettuce could be. I was used to the bitterness of iceberg lettuce.

Since November, I’ve been introduced to a new ingredient in our salads. Kale. It’s considered a cooking green, not a lettuce, but can be used in salads in place of lettuce.

What’s the big deal? Why not stick with iceberg?  If you’re like me, I hated salad.  I would cover it with thick, fattening dressings to forget the horrible taste.  I promise that I love salads now, and I don’t have to drown them in ranch or french dressings.

There are three reasons that I love my darker greens. Flavor, texture, and nutrition. Of the three, kale has my favorite texture. It’s hearty. When I eat it, I feel that I am eating substantial food. When it comes to flavor, I like romaine and kale in different circumstances. Kale is great for steaming and for salads. Romaine makes for a great salad. When it comes to nutrition, kale is the winner.

Here’s the breakdown:

iceberg vs romaine vs kale

As you can see, Kale is high in a lot of essential vitamins and minerals.  Iceberg lettuce is better for you than potato chips, so I wouldn’t say don’t eat it.  But I would say, try romaine, and try kale.  They’re both readily available in your supermarket.   You might like the taste even more than iceberg and more thoroughly enjoy your salads.  I know I did, and I found other ways to put more kale in my diet.


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